Welcome to The Daily Segfault online publication. Currently headquartered in Orlando, Florida; The Daily Segfault is an expertly crafted hodgepodge of news, commentary, and technology. Our mission is to provide the following:

  1. Information on news involving important issues affecting the lives of central Floridians, on all levels from municipal to international.
  2. A class based analysis of our society from an anti-capitalist view point.
  3. Reports, tutorials, and how-to guides primarily focusing on computer technology, programming, and computational mathematics.

The name of our publication is a play on the term “segmentation fault” (typically shortened to “segfault”). Basically, a segmentation fault is an error condition in which the CPU attempts to access memory locations outside of the purview of the environment it is currently operating in (such as the CPU attempting to write to read only memory). Needless to say, a segmentation fault is a bad thing™, typically resulting in crashed programs, and eventually madness. Given the state of the United States when this publication was founded (that being 1 B.A.(Before the Apocalypse)), we felt the name was more than appropriate for a technology/U.S. politics hybrid blog.


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